My 5 favourite tools

If you follow this blog, I bet you’ve noticed I love to create. Sometimes I’m in a knitting craze and sometimes I have to totally sew myself a whole wardrobe but what’s constant in my world is I have to create something.
While new ideas are crucial to fuel this passion, great tools go a long way in making the process easier and headache free! So I thought I would share with you today the 5 tools that changed the way I create, knit, sew etc…

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How-To Thursday: Basics of Lace

This week I’ve released a free infinity scarf pattern, Encercle!

Perfect for beginners who want to try lace knitting, this easy pattern is a great way to get familiar with the basics stitches used in lace. It’s also a great stash buster, a win-win in my book. ;-)

Not sure about how to make these stitches? Don’t worry, that’s what this week’s How-To is all about! So get your needles out and let’s learn the basics stitches used in lace knitting.

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Encercle, a new free pattern

Happy Monday everyone!

How would you feel starting the week with a new knitting pattern? And a free one on top of that! :-)


Encercle is an infinity scarf/cowl, designed especially for yarn leftover from bigger projects. Very versatile, the pattern uses only 200 m/260 m (218 yds/284 yds) of yarn and can either be knit in lace or fingering weight. You decide! Continue Reading

A new blouse for my handmade wardrobe

Since January, I’ve been talking a lot about the Wardrobe Architect Challenge the Coletterie is conducting. If you follow this blog, you know these last few weeks have been spent planning and finding my style. The result of this: the first sewing project of 2015 is in the works! :-)

Blouse pattern Burdastyle magazine

To kick off the sewing craze, I chose a pattern I had at home and one that wouldn’t need a lot of alterations. Hopefully, that’ll mean a quick finished project. Continue Reading

Inspiration: Love is in the air

Hi new Friday readers! :-)
This post is the first of the Friday Inspiration series, a selection of amazing things to create that I handpicked to inspire you to greatness. The weekend’s ahead, just the perfect timing to choose your next creative project, enjoy!

And because this week-end is all about love, here’s a selection of quick (and longer) last minute projects you can lovingly make or buy for that someone special in your life. Let me know what you think! Continue Reading

How-To Thursday: Grafting

Who’s in the mood to learn some grafting?

This technique, sometimes called the Kitchener stitch, is used to invisibly seam live stitches together and so neatly joining two pieces together.

How-To Grafting-title

For you to easily see and understand it, I’m using a contrasting colour thread. Obviously, you would use the same yarn to achieve an invisible result. (Bonus point if you use your tail and don’t have extra thread to weave in! Just make sure it’s at least twice the length you want to graft.)

Know that this is for stockinette stitch and if your knitting uses garter or a stitch pattern, the method will be different.

Also when it’s possible, it’s always easier to sew a piece that has been blocked.
So if you did, put the stitches back on the needle or remove any provisional cast on.

To graft, start by threading the tail on a tapestry needle and place you needles parallel with WS facing each other. Continue Reading

Sewing a Wardrobe

I always loved creating. No matter the trend, no matter the time, for as long as I can remember I’ve been creating things. Jewellery, garments, shawls, home decor, you name it. While some techniques came and went (scrap booking anyone?), the two things I’ve constantly been doing are knitting and sewing.

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For me, knitting is perfect for watching TV and making the most of small unused amount of time. Sewing on the other hand can be more demanding and has to be done in a previously designated (cats-free) area. Continue Reading