Inspiration: Swimsuits

With the heat wave hitting Europe this last week, thoughts of spending the days next to a swimming pool, lounging in a cute swimsuits are all I can think of right now.

To help cope with the intense heat, here’s a selection of swimwear patterns to make before hitting the beach.

Swimsuits inspiration title

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Creating fashion: The Summer blouse

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just dream up anything and have the freedom to draft it yourself? To have the possibility to be in charge of your own style? Yes, I think so too! :-)


That’s the reason behind my decision to seriously learn how to draft a pattern. A few weeks back, I’ve eased into the process by making a Kimono Jacket. Not drafted per say, as I used rectangular panels but at least I started somewhere.

Because only watching or reading about the subject is very cool and you learn a lot but it doesn’t make you learn as well as by doing the real thing and making mistakes. At least that’s my new motto! ;-) Continue Reading

How-To Thursday: Making a Kimono Jacket

With the warm weather already here, it’s the perfect opportunity to wear a stylish Kimono Jacket. Very versatile and so quick and easy to make, I’ve been wearing the ones I’ve recently finished a lot. Easy to pack, it will also serve beautifully as a beach cover up on your next holidays.

So why not sew one for yourself this week-end?


To get the best out of this style, be careful to select a light weight fabric with a lot of drape. And if it’s not something that’s already in your stash, don’t be afraid to cut into an old summer scarf. That’s what I did with the latest model I’ve made and it turned out great! :-)
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The Kimono Jacket story

Kimonos are all the rage right now. I don’t know if it’s the instant effortless style it brings to an outfit or simply the comfort and warmth of a pretty layering piece but everyone wants to have one in their closet.
Two weeks ago (wow, has it been that long already!), I decided to join the Kimono addicts but in true handmade style: if I wanted one, I would make one myself.


So I started to gather inspiration and informations on this piece of clothing: What looks, length, style would be flattering? How is it typically constructed? Can I wing it with rectangular panels of fabric or do I have to make a pattern for it? And to make it official, I’ve even sketched my goal! :-)
These were a few of the questions I was asking myself before starting. Even though this can sometimes lead to feeling a little overwhelmed, it’s good to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. You see, I’ve been sewing for some time now and I think I have reached the point where I want to learn how to be able to take a drawing, an idea I have, and create it myself for real. There’s a huge sense of freedom when doing this, you can virtually create anything, make it fit your exact needs. But the alternative is that it comes with a bucket full of questions and doubts that can be frightening to confront. Continue Reading

Jamie Jeans: Exploring new sewing territory

Proud moment alert! The kind that made me do a happy dance in the middle of the sewing room and where you want to scream: “I’ve made it.”

Jamie Jeans - 5
As you would have guessed from this excited introduction, I’m pretty pleased with my new make. Jeans for me where always something scary to sew, something only professionals using industrial machinery could achieve. Well, turns out, my little Elna is brave enough for the challenge. She sewed through multiple of jeans layers without complaining once. I’m so proud of her! :-)
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How-To Thursday: The guide to sewing feet – The blind hem foot

In the mood to learn something new for this week-end? Today, I’ll  tell you all about the ever so useful blind hem foot, one of my favorite sewing attachement.


I use this little guy all the time! Whether I’m topstitching or actually doing a blind hem, the adjustable sewing guide is such a huge help to keep those stitching lines straight. It’s definitely worth having in your sewing room.

The blind hem is one of those techniques that scares a lot of us. Because you have to prepare and fold your hem specially before sewing, chances are you’ve never risked testing this foot, afraid to end up with a mess.

I was like that before, but now that I’ve discovered the secrets and invisibility of this particular hem, I want to use it everywhere!

Want to enter the fabulous world of the blind hem? Let’s learn it today! :-) Continue Reading

Creating Fashion: The Kimono Jacket

The days are getting longer, the weather is warming up… Yes, summer is here! :-)

And to celebrate it, I’m in the mood for some quick and stylish sewing!

Lately, I’ve seen lovely Kimono jackets pop up everywhere. My closet currently missing such an item would be happy to have this perfect summer wardrobe staple. It’s decided then, I’ll be sewing it!

In the mean time, I’m using the opportunity to try out a new series for the blog: creating fashion. My goal is to take you from sketch to finished garment, showing you the process from the different inspirations, the construction and pattern making, to the wearable object.


Ready? Let’s have a look at what inspired this project!
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How-To Thursday: Button Placement

Last week’s How-To was all about making the perfect buttonholes. Now that you’re all experts, we’ll talk about how to plan and mark their placement, so that you end up with perfectly and evenly spaced buttons and buttonholes.


This technique is very useful if you’re designing your own pattern and want to figure out where to place your buttons.
And because it’s not always possible to find the perfect button for your project that’s the recommended size, knowing how to space them on your own will allow you the freedom to change their place, size and number to something that fit your needs!

What’s not to like? Let’s learn how to space these buttons easily!

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