The Hidden Secrets of the Dress

It’s done! I’m so excited because since Friday August 15th, I’m officially Mrs G.! :-D
This week-end was beyond perfect and we really enjoyed every minute of it! I couldn’t be happier!

What I’m most proud of is my hand sewn dress! I’m so relieved I finished it in time and that I got to wear it for a full day and felt like a princess in it!

In my dress!

While patiently waiting for more and better photos, I thought I could share with you some finishing details.
If you follow this blog, you already know about the waist stay that kept this strapless dress from falling. But here are few other hidden secrets that made it even more perfect! :-) Continue Reading

Work in progress: the wedding dress

The big day is nearly here! :-)

So naturally, these last days have been kind of crazy with stuff for the wedding.
The dress is still not finished so in between beauty appointment and dessert tasting, I had to find time to make some progress on it. And by popular demand, I also found a little time to blog about it! ;-)

The main thing I did this week is the fastening of the dress. The zipper was definitely tricky, it took a lot of fitting to make it just right. And the dress being very heavy, it was a truly physical exercise to do all these fittings. No going to the gym needed, just put on a wedding dress by your own! ;-)

The zipper was sewn by hand using a prick stitch. At first, I wanted the dress to close with buttons and button loops, such a lovely and romantic closure. But being afraid that it won’t be the safest one, I decided to play it safe and put in a zipper.


However, it doesn’t mean I abandoned my initial idea. Continue Reading

Sewing class

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t sewing. I’ve started on the knees of my Grandma and then, learned how to use my very own machine (a white and pink tiny machine only doing straight stitch!).

Sewing machine

At school, we had sewing lessons once a week where we learned the basic stuff. The stuffed seahorse, the beach towel we’ve sewn… For me, everything had to be a combination of turquoise and pink. ;-)

But I never went to a “proper” sewing course. Everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned through books and trial. That’s why I’m pretty excited to take my very first “grown-up” sewing class! :-) Continue Reading

Last Mclub shipment!

This week-end was a yarn week-end! These are the best!

Saturday we spent a very nice day in Lausanne and found a small but oh so beautiful boutique selling yarn, fabrics etc… The Mercerie Ducros.

Naturally, I couldn’t resist helping the local commerce! ;-)

I bought a vibrant orange lace yarn. It’s baby alpaca so it’s extremely soft, the kind of yarn you just want to pet! I highly recommend this address if you find yourself in Lausanne and in need of yarn.

Lace Alpaca

And finally, when we got home, SURPRISE! The last shipment of the Mclub had arrived! Continue Reading

D.I.Y. Beadle Needle or knitting with beads made easy!

At the moment I’m knitting two shawls using beads. One is Magia the latest MKAL by Laura Nelkin, the other is Promise Me a very romantic wrap by Booknits.

Beadle Needle

These two patterns are knit with beads placed on a stitch. Up until now, I’ve been using the very nice and very small crochet hook I received with the MKAL’s materials. It was great until I started to knit Promise me and had to place a huge quantity of beads on each rows.

Laura did a wonderful video on the tool that’s supposed to solve this problem: the Beadle Needle!

Basically, it’s a very long crochet hook, allowing you to load a lot more beads on it and preventing you from having to reload every couple of stitches. Just the thing I needed!

Of course, it’s not available in Switzerland and if I order it online, the shipping cost is insane. :-(

So I channeled my inner DIY and decided to make one! Continue Reading