Promise me

While waiting for the next MKAL to start, it would of been strange not having something on the needles! ;-)

Beadle needle

After knitting Cloud illusions, I knew it wasn’t the last Booknits designs I would knit. I love the shape and how they are easy to knit while making a huge impression. And as they are relatively straight forward, they can be done pretty “fast” (it’s still knitting, people!).

Promise me

After looking at all of her beautiful designs, I fell in love with Promise me. And it all just cliqued. The name, the upcoming wedding and the need for something to keep me warm if the weather wasn’t sunny, I had to knit it.

One side

Being a lover of colour, I didn’t have any white yarn in my stash. So I ordered from Drops some beautiful undyed alpaca and silk lace. Heaven, it’s so soft and airy.

The stockinette stitch part was a relaxing, turn-off-your-brain start. Having a lot more yarn than what the pattern calls for, I did a XL version. (Knitting until I had 261 stitches as opposed to 237 stitches for the L size.)

I’m now on the lace border after doing two lace repeats. With the silver beads, it really looks lovely. And they are a easy and fast to placed, now that I’ve made a beadle needle!

Lace detail

It’s going to look gorgeous when blocked, I can’t wait! :-)

Lace repeats

Six more rows to go and I can do the picot bind-off like on Cloud Illusions. The only down side is that these rows are starting to be looong! But I’m telling myself it will be worth it! :-)

Last Mclub shipment!

This week-end was a yarn week-end! These are the best!

Saturday we spent a very nice day in Lausanne and found a small but oh so beautiful boutique selling yarn, fabrics etc… The Mercerie Ducros.

Naturally, I couldn’t resist helping the local commerce! ;-)

I bought a vibrant orange lace yarn. It’s baby alpaca so it’s extremely soft, the kind of yarn you just want to pet! I highly recommend this address if you find yourself in Lausanne and in need of yarn.

Lace Alpaca

And finally, when we got home, SURPRISE! The last shipment of the Mclub had arrived! Continue Reading

D.I.Y. Beadle Needle or knitting with beads made easy!

At the moment I’m knitting two shawls using beads. One is Magia the latest MKAL by Laura Nelkin, the other is Promise Me a very romantic wrap by Booknits.

Beadle Needle

These two patterns are knit with beads placed on a stitch. Up until now, I’ve been using the very nice and very small crochet hook I received with the MKAL’s materials. It was great until I started to knit Promise me and had to place a huge quantity of beads on each rows.

Laura did a wonderful video on the tool that’s supposed to solve this problem: the Beadle Needle!

Basically, it’s a very long crochet hook, allowing you to load a lot more beads on it and preventing you from having to reload every couple of stitches. Just the thing I needed!

Of course, it’s not available in Switzerland and if I order it online, the shipping cost is insane. :-(

So I channeled my inner DIY and decided to make one! Continue Reading

Going to the beach?

Ah, Summer is here! Well, sort of… We had a lot of rain and very bad weather recently. :-(

But it doesn’t hurt to stay positive and think ahead! So, what is one of the best thing about a normal summer? Going to the beach!


Normally, with all the crazy pre-wedding stress (and the little fact that I’m sewing the dress…) I won’t be going near water before September. But that gives me plenty of time to plan (and sew) my beach wardrobe!

While very tempting, sewing bathing suits will maybe be too much for me this year. But beach cover-up on the other hand seems the perfect project before the honeymoon!

Here are the patterns and tutorials I’ve found so far. Continue Reading

Magia: fourth clue completed!

Last week, I wrote about the very intriguing MKAL I’m taking part in, Magia. The construction is so unique, it does a great job keeping us guessing what’s going to be next.Magia

I was very happy to have some knitting time these past days and managed to knit the third and fourth clue. The last one is coming out tomorrow and we still have a lot of yarn left, so it’s going to be fun to see how this will unfold!

Be before knowing the end of the mystery, some pictures of the shawl! Continue Reading

If it falls, put a waist stay on it!

Be aware! This post is a nerdy couture one! ;-)
I’m very pleased with the advancement of the wedding dress. The strapless bodice is nearly done, I’ve sewn the lace and sequins to it and I’ve just put in the waist stay.

Fasten in the back

For those (like me, a few weeks ago) who don’t know what a waist stay is, let me explain what I’ve learned along the way. The first mention I saw of it was in Susan Khalje‘s book, Bridal Couture. I cannot explain how much grateful I am that I’ve bought this. I’ve read it from cover to cover, it’s like the bible of couture sewing! So when Susan said that to make sure your strapless bodice stays in place all night, you had to have boning AND a waist stay, I didn’t think twice about it. Continue Reading

Adding something special to your wardrobe!

When sewing clothes, do you tend to choose simple patterns that can be made over and over? When going shopping, do you end up buying a closet full of basics, great for combining together but often not very special?

If so, we have the same problem! That’s the reason I’m on a mission to find ways to make my wardrobe special without having to sew an entire line of clothing. And one possible solution is clothes embellishment! Continue Reading

Wool in Switzerland

Living in Switzerland and passionate about wool and yarn, it’s naturally that I wanted to find what was available here. I made a few researches and was very sadden to find it’s something that nearly disappeared!
A few weeks ago, there was a story on the Swiss news about the subject. They were saying that even though it was a huge part of the economy last century, it was made completely irrelevant by imported yarn and cheap industrial ones.

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