New Makes!

Last week-end was fabulous! :-)

Even though the weather could’ve been nicer, we were able to do all the things we had planned, meet some friends and even relax. What more to ask? These are the best week-ends.

But best of all, I managed to squeeze in some sewing time and got quite a few makes finished! YAY! :-)

As the sun has been showing itself more recently, I’m happy to report I have a new Sorbetto finished and ready to wear!

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Inspiration: Spring is here!

Today’s the first day of Spring! :-)

I don’t know about you but I’ve been craving colour and pretty DIY decorations to brighten up our home. Here’s a lovely selection of 10 easy and fast projects that will make you feel like Spring is here even if the sun isn’t yet!

Inspiration: Spring - title

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Inspiration: You’ve struck gold

My goal this week end is to finish my Sorbetto blouse. I’m particularly looking forward to wear it when the weather’ll warm a little more. The reason? I’ve fallen in love with the gold binding that’s around the neckline and armholes, it’s just the accent the fabric needed.

So this is what inspired this week’s inspiration post, DIY gold accents that’ll brighten any object around the house.

Inspiration: You've-struck-gold-title

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How-To Thursday: Learn to knit

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been making a lot of How-To for advanced knitting techniques. Even though it’s been fun to do, a lot of my friends don’t actually know the basics of knitting. And it’s always something I’m eager to teach!

So I thought this Thursday I would explain the basics for all of you dying to learn how to knit and help spread the knitting bug! :-)

How-To Thursday: Learn to knit (in 4 easy steps)

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Inspiration: Bias Tape

Last Thursday, the How-To of the week was about creating your own DIY Bias Tape Maker!

It’s definitely a lot of fun choosing and making your personalized binding but now that you have meters of it, maybe you’d like a few ideas on what to actually use it for?!? ;-)


No worries, you are covered! Here’s ten cool ideas on what to make with your new bias tape. Continue Reading

How-To Thursday: Create a Bias Tape Maker

Tonight, the Great Britsh Sewing Bee‘s semifinal is on and to celebrate, how about a sewing How-To? :-)

How-To Bias Tape Maker title

While sewing my new blouse the other day, I had to make a sort of binding to encase the waist ties. The instructions said to cut a 60 mm/2″3/8 wide rectangle and fold 10 mm/3/8″ on each side, kind like a binding, but only in a weird size. After struggling with my iron and failing to make a neat band, I decided to try and find a way to help the edges fold themselves before pressing. Continue Reading