How-To Thursday: Measuring your Fabric Stretch

Knits are great to sew with. They are so comfortable, they don’t wrinkle easily and are very easy to fit. But there’s so much different kinds of knits, that it can be easy to loose yourself.

When choosing to sew a pattern designed for a stretch fabric, it’s wise to consider what type of knits is recommended and find something similar. Just like you would with a woven pattern.
One way to categorize knits is by their percentage of stretch. There’s an easy method to measure that and it so happens to be today’s How-To, what a coincidence! ;-)

So let’s dive right into it and determine the stretch a fabric has. Continue Reading

Ondée – Tester Call

There’s a new pattern ready and we need some brave souls up for a challenge! :-)

Ondee - 1

Ondée is a traditional rectangular scarf with a twist: it’s knitted diagonally! Like a usual scarf, it’s worked in one piece, from one edge to the other. The center is a long plain stockinette stitch section but it features a water inspired lace on each sides.

It was a fun pattern to figure out and now is the time for it to be tested in the real world. Continue Reading

A new skirt: Lindy Petal skirt

Whoa, lately, I’m feeling like I’ve got my sewing/knitting/making mojo back. And it feels sooo good! :-)

#memademay15 is such a great motivation and wearing my handmade wardrobe feels great and also allows me to find the garments missing from it. The list of things to make is getting longer and it’s exciting! Guess it just one of those things only a DIY can understand! ;-)

And as May is usually a month full of long week-ends, this can only mean one thing: lots of sewing and knitting time ahead! (And ice cream, because May means sunshine too! ;-) )

But before the making craze continues, let me share with you my latest make: the Lindy Petal Skirt.


I’ve been very fortunate to test once again for the lovely Kennis at Itch to Stitch. The Jacqueline hoodie, the first pattern I’ve tested for her is such a dream to wear, I couldn’t pass on an opportunity to apply for another of her amazing pattern. And what surprise when she choose me as a tester! Oh, happy day! :-) Continue Reading

How-to Thursday: Topstitching

This week’s How-to is all about topstitching! Yay!


Recently, with the Jacqueline Hoodie and my future pair of Jamie Jeans, I’ve been topstitching a lot. And I mean a lot!

But even if there’s not one seam I’ve sewn without topstitching it, I can’t help but love the touch of professional finish this technique gives to a garment.

While I’ve been sewing since childhood, I’m always afraid of doing visible topstitching. There’s something about an inaccurate visible seam line that’s really makes your beautiful make a poorly done, cheap looking one. And with all the time and energy we spend sewing clothes, that’s just not the result I’m looking for.

However, determined to make progress, I was happy to recently sew garments that would help me learn how to tame this nerve wracking technique. And in doing so, after lots of trial and error, I’ve learned along the way. First, I’ve found ways to more easily managed a bulky seam and now my topstitching is getting better.

So today I’m sharing my experience learning how to topstitch and what methods I’ve found helped me get better results.

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Me Made May ’15

Happy May 1st everybody!

If you’re a seamstress, knitter or crafter, chances are you were probably waiting for this day to come. Why? Because this means the Me Made May ’15 is on! :-)


For those following along, I’ll be posting my daily outfit on Instagram according to my pledge for the month of May:

“I, Coralie (, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear one item of me-made clothing each day for the duration of May 2015″.

Let’s wear proudly our handmade creations! See you on Instagram for the #mmmay15 outfit of the day!

Jacqueline Hoodie

Recently, I had the pleasure to be chosen to test Itch to Stitch‘s new pattern: the Jacqueline Hoodie.

Jacqueline Hoodie - Stitch-N-Smile 2

And I’ve practically lived in it since it was finished! :-)

Remember a while back when I was planning my Wardrobe Architect project and I needed to sew myself a new spring jacket? Well talk about good timing! :-)

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken that much pleasure at sewing something. The pattern is quite challenging and requires a lot of topstitching through several layers of fabric. So not for the faint of heart, but it was so worth it.

And I’ve learned a lot sewing it! A win-win in my book!

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How-To Thursday: The Guide to Sewing feet | The standard presser foot

The ultimate handmade wardrobe is taking shape which means a lot of sewing happened lately! And it’s been so much fun! :-)

While at my sewing machine the other day, I’ve realized that like many of you, all my knowledge about this craft has been acquired reading books and browsing the Internet. So even though I can whip up a dress or a jacket pretty easily, there’s still some things that remain a mystery.


That’s how this brand new feature for the How-To Thursday was created! Because we all have a few attachments that came with our machine but in my case, I rarely use them because I’m not quite sure about how and when to use them.

So I declare myself on a mission to uncover the mysteries behind every sewing machine feet that I own! Want to join me? :-)

And today we’ll start with the basics, the standard presser foot! Continue Reading

Work in progress

Lately, I’ve been feeling like writing blog posts is taking all of my free time. Sadly, this means I didn’t have enough time to create and actually make something.


Don’t get me wrong, I love dreaming up new posts and making tutorials and I certainly don’t plan on quitting it any time soon. What I need to do is find the perfect balance between sharing and making. However I had a big sewing project to complete last week and couldn’t find the time to blog and sew at the same time. A decision had to be made and I chose the real thing.

So I’ll start this week’s post by saying sorry about being missing in action last week but it was for a good cause! :-)

This made me think about all the projects I have going on and how I’ve never got around writing about them. So here’s my attempt to let you all in the loop and see what is currently being made in the Stitch-N-Smile’s studio!

(So the list doesn’t transform into a never-ending one, I’ll be sticking to the started or soon to be started projects. There’ll be another post for the futur ones! :-))

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