Designing Myrtille

Have you heard about the Swiss Delights Yarn Kit?
I’ve teamed up with the lovely Ladies from Siidegarte and Kaya Lana to bring you all some Swiss awesomeness this Winter! :-)

Swiss Delights Yarn Kit -

Get your Swiss Delights Yarn Kit

The idea was to create a large shawl that could also double as a scarf so you could wrap yourself in it during those cold and long Winter days. The asymmetrical triangular design was mean to keep you warm and stylish at the same time.

The Siide-Fideel yarn plays a huge part in making this shawl your go-to-accessory for Christmas. The Merino will protect you from the cold and the silk adds a shine that makes it look classy. Perfect combo!
Plus, as the big bonus point, it’s a joy to knit with. Continue Reading

Inspiration: Once Upon a Time gets Frozen

Looking for a little Winter Craft inspiration? Don’t look any further!
Once Upon a Time, the popular fairytale inspired TV show is getting cooler! Pun intended. ;-)

Once upon a Time Frozen

This TV show has been a favourite of mine since its beginning.

I really enjoy watching this show. The stories are becoming a little far fetched with time but it’s still very entertaining, perfect for knitting in front of the TV.

The part I’ve enjoyed the most is, no surprise there, the costumes. It’s so fun to see how the costume designer tries to bring a little of each fairytale character into its clothing. Seeing the evil queen dressed with a new extravagant outfit each time is a treat, plus it always gives me a lot of new ideas.

Knitting is also not a stranger to the Enchanted Forrest world. Obviously Granny is seen a lot wearing knits and regularly knits during war councils. Maybe not the best course of action here, but then knitting is known for its soothing and calming properties! ;-)

Granny wears Knits on Once Upon a Time

Granny knits on War concils

Emma and her Mom, Snow White are also rocking the knitted hats and scarves. They seem like they have a pretty huge collection of those, always wearing something new. Granny must really be a fast knitter.

Emma wearing a knitted hat

Snow White wears knitted hat and matching gloves

This season it’s Anna and Elsa the characters from Frozen who joined the fun. For the moment, apart for a brief mitten apparition, we’ve seen more fur than knitting. Still I love Anna’s red cape and all the Scandinavian inspired clothes.


I would really love to make myself a blue blouse like Anna’s. The neckline is so lovely and special plus I happen to have the exact same buttons! How cool is that!

Anna and Elsa

How about you? Thinking of sewing or knitting some Once Upon a Time inspired clothes?


The Swiss Delights Yarn Kit is here! :-)

It’s been in the works for some time now…

These last weeks, I’ve been working on a secret project… Maybe you even saw glimpse of it on Instagram along with Joey the Kitten. I’ll admit, it was hard keeping it a secret for that long but we are very proud to introduce the first ever Swiss Delights Yarn Kit in it’s Christmas edition!

Swiss Delights Yarn Kit -

Get your Swiss Delights Yarn Kit

This new kit is a 100% Swiss collaboration between the lovely Ladies from Siidegarte and Kaya Lana so be prepare for some Swiss awesomeness. ;-)

So why am I so excited about this kit? Continue Reading

The Dress!

Today is a special day! :-D

I’m very proud to say that today we celebrate our 10 years together with my Honey!

Handsewn Wedding Dress - STITCH-N-SMILE.COM

I feel like the luckiest girl on earth to have found my amazing husband, my soulmate. To be able to share each day with him is a blessing, I love him very much.

Now, let’s celebrate! :-)

And what would be better than finally posting the pictures of the wedding dress, THE Dress, to make this day even more special?
Prepare yourself, this is a picture heavy post. You have been warn! ;-) Continue Reading

Back from Down Under!

After the craziness of the wedding in August, the very anticipated next step was the honeymoon. :-)
And so in the beginning of September, we embarked on a 4 weeks long journey to Australia. From the green pastoral lands filled with kangaroos in the South, the vivid red landscape in the Center to the humid and luxurious forests in the North, it really feels we visited an entire continent!

It was truly an exceptional and memorable trip.


But rest assured, even though we didn’t have a lot of time, I still managed to get my hands on some fibre goodies! ;-) Continue Reading

Knitting inspiration: Outlander

I may be in Australia for the time being but something tells me we will soon have to go to Scotland!
Have you heard about THE summer TV show Outlander? Originally a book by Diana Gabaldon , this bestselling series was just released to TV with just as much popularity.

Claire's shawl

You certainly wonder why I’m doing a post on this. Well the story is of a young woman from the 1940s who mysteriously finds herself in Scotland during the 1700s.
While I haven’t read the books yet, what really interested me is because it is set in Scotland, we got to see lots of knits. And what better inspiration for fall? ;-) Continue Reading

How to store digital sewing patterns

Digital patterns are great! Most of the time they are cheaper and the very cool thing is that you can pretty much buy them at anytime of day or night! Great for midnight pattern cravings! ;-)

Digital patterns

After having been printed, assembled and used, a normal (and slightly obsessed with tidying) person will be looking for a way to store it.
That’s when it starts to get messy.
Contrary to store bought one which are neatly folded into a paper folder, printed-at-home ones are not.
So how can you store them efficiently? Continue Reading

Make your own wax thread!

While patiently waiting for the the official, pretty photos of my wedding dress, I thought I could write about it’s construction.

Dress in progress

When reading about Couture sewing and fine wedding dresses, I was amazed to learn that a lot of the work is done by hand. And if I had to give a percentage of hand sewing for my dress, I would say 90% was done by hand! Which is a lot!
At first I was a bit afraid that it wouldn’t be as strong than machine stitching but after learning about waxed thread from Susan Khalje, I was convinced.

So I learned how to make my own (because obviously it’s such a strange thing to buy, no stores had it…). Continue Reading