Make your own wax thread!

While patiently waiting for the the official, pretty photos of my wedding dress, I thought I could write about it’s construction.

Dress in progress

When reading about Couture sewing and fine wedding dresses, I was amazed to learn that a lot of the work is done by hand. And if I had to give a percentage of hand sewing for my dress, I would say 90% was done by hand! Which is a lot!
At first I was a bit afraid that it wouldn’t be as strong than machine stitching but after learning about waxed thread from Susan Khalje, I was convinced.

So I learned how to make my own (because obviously it’s such a strange thing to buy, no stores had it…). Continue Reading

A magic ball with magic knots…

As you might know, I’m currently knitting the last MClub Mystery Knit Along: Magmatic.
It’s a very fun knit perfect for using small bits of yarn left from previous projects. Why? Because we are using a Magic Ball!

Magic ball

This special ball of yarn is made using different small skeins and connecting them as you wind them using a Magic Knot. It’s a great technique for mini skeins, left over yarns and gradient yarns in other words, all the things you certainly have but don’t know what to make with. And because the yarns are all connected beforehand, you don’t have a crazy amount of ends to weave at the end. Win-win! :-)

I’m sure a lot of you would like to try your hand at this fun “magically self-striping yarn”, so I’m going to show you how you can create one of your own! Continue Reading

The honeymoon or how to choose knitting projects for the beach!

Recently, I’ve got married to my long time sweetheart in a handmade dress! Everything was perfect and we really had the best day ever. And we are topping it off with the trip of a lifetime!

Ayres Rock Australia

We are living our dream by going on a trip all around Australia and finishing by a week on a island in Fidji. So exciting! :-D
We left last week-end and everything was ready and planned except one thing, what to knit on the beach! ;-)
It needs to be small and light, not too difficult and long enough to last until the end.
So the first thing that comes to mind is a lace shawl. That great because I don’t have enough of them
Well, I delude myself in thinking that I can always gift some of them if I have too much. ;-)

Now here are the three patterns which made it into the top of the list. Continue Reading

The Hidden Secrets of the Dress

It’s done! I’m so excited because since Friday August 15th, I’m officially Mrs G.! :-D
This week-end was beyond perfect and we really enjoyed every minute of it! I couldn’t be happier!

What I’m most proud of is my hand sewn dress! I’m so relieved I finished it in time and that I got to wear it for a full day and felt like a princess in it!

In my dress!

While patiently waiting for more and better photos, I thought I could share with you some finishing details.
If you follow this blog, you already know about the waist stay that kept this strapless dress from falling. But here are few other hidden secrets that made it even more perfect! :-) Continue Reading